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What I can do for you

Status: currently working full-time on a project, please reach out for availability and rates.

  • Game Design: I am a professional Game Designer, with experience in TTRPG, RPG, and more to come from projects currently in development (+3 years). My focus is Narrative Content, Game Design Documentation. I am in the process of developing my scripting skills.
  • Writing: I write news articles, opinion pieces, blurbs, and provide support for creative writers (+8 years).
  • Copy: I copyedit and copywrite material for a wide variety of products, and have experience writing commercials, landing pages, newsletters, and copyediting books (+3 years).
  • Editorial: I edit, proofread, copyedit, and provided support for the publication of a book (+5 years), with prior experience in editing Fantasy novels, short stories, poetry, and comedy sketches.
  • Illustration: In my spare time, I practice free hand and digital illustration (+5 years).
  • D&D: Advice and support for D&D players and Dungeon Masters, as well as professional DM services (+3 years).

Reach out to me via basicsnitch@gmail.com !

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Editorial Process

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