Founder & Head Writer

Narrative Game Designer at Nimble Giant Entertainment, and ½ Diversity Representative for the AAA game I’m working on. In my spare time, I’m an RPG journalist, writer, (copy)editor, and professional D&D 5e Dungeon Master. I hold a Master of Arts in Modern Languages from the University of St Andrews, and a Master of Arts in Literature, Culture, and Society from the University of Amsterdam. When I catch a break, I like to sip on homemade iced tea and pet my cat Ekko. Sometimes I draw.

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Head Editor

Full-time graduate student of Linguistics in Berlin. Part-time writer and editor, former Event Manager and tutor. BA in English and American Studies and Journalism and Communication Science from the University of Vienna, MA in Literature, Culture and Society from the University of Amsterdam. Some of the most cherished things in life: handwritten letters, painfully honest song lyrics, friendship, trust and appreciation, journaling, dancing, and good books.

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Head Editor

Currently living at home again to save up, think a lot, and work on personal projects. Author of several unfinished Google Docs. TEFL certified, with more teaching experience under the belt than ever anticipated. BA in German with Dutch from the University of Nottingham, MA in Literature, Culture and Society from the University of Amsterdam. Some interests: education, language, geology, resilience, embroidery, the milky sky on quiet mornings and (most recently) poetry translation.

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We support climate activism, sustainability, intersectional feminism, women in tech and gaming, equality across the board, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Human Rights. We believe in active allyship, and we stand with Trans Lives, Black Lives Matter, stopping AAPI hate, donating, spreading awareness, unlearning.